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What are the different file types?


  • MP4(recommended)

    Supported by virtually all players and devices. Perfect for people who want to enjoy high quality videos.

  • 3GP

    Compatible with almost all mobile devices in relative low definition. Good for the phone with limited storage.

  • WEBM

    Generally used for Internet video streaming in browsers, with high quality but the file size is smaller than MP4.

  • # Video without audio

    We grab some MP4 and WebM files without audio in case you need to use them for video-only purpose. The Videos that under this category is based on an adaptive bitrate streaming technique called DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).


  • MP3(recommended)

    MP3 is the most well-supported audio format, which compatible with almost all the devices and software.

  • M4A

    Compressed with better audio quality in a smaller size than MP3 file, mainly applied to Apple devices.

  • WEBM

    Encoded as Vorbis or Opus, WebM can also be used for audio-only purposes in browsers.

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Powerful YouTube to FLAC Converter Online

FLAC refers to Free Lossless Audio Codec. As the name says, FLAC matains the original quality of an audio when it compresses the audio into a smaller size. However, many converters only support the lossy MP3 format which is appiled by most common listeners. If you pursue the best listening experience and use superb headphones, you should come to our YouTube FLAC converter to get a lossless audio and enjoy the magic.

Why the Best YouTube to FLAC Converter?

How to Convert YouTube to FLAC Online?

  • Step 1: Enter a Video Link

    Under the premise that you've got a desired YouTube video, you can copy the video link. Next, enter the link into the search bar of our YouTube to FLAC converter.

  • Step 2: Download YouTube Lossless Audio

    After you click the capitalized Download button, the target search result is displayed below the search bar. And then you can choose to download a YouTube FLAC resource.


  • 1. What is the quickest way to convert YouTube to FLAC?

    Using our online FLAC downloader is the first tip to convert YouTube to FLAC in the quickest way, because you can save time spent downloading software and download at a fast speed.

  • 2. Is there a feasible way to download YouTube URL to FLAC?

    Yes, you can trust our YouTube to FLAC converter, which allows you to search for the YouTube video by pasting a URL and then you can click the Download button to start converting YouTube to FLAC.

  • 3. Where can I find a YouTube to lossless converter?

    Navigate to the YTBdownload site and you can find a YouTube to FLAC converter. With this online tool, you can download a FLAC file, which is an audio coding format for lossless compression.

  • 4. Does the YouTube to FLAC file have the highest quality?

    FLAC supports a lossless compression of digital audio to 50% - 70% of its original file size. If you convert YouTube to FLAC, you can enjoy the audio with the highest quality.

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